Planning Plus™

One-on-one follow up sessions with a Financial Planner.

Planning Plus™ consists of one-on-one educational sessions to assist those who have questions or need help applying the lessons contained in our programs.

In these educational meetings, those who have completed an educational workshop or online educational program are able to:

  • Ask more personal questions
  • Review completed assignments from the educational program and confirm actions to take to pursue personal goals
  • Discuss options to reach goals – including retirement

The goal of these live one-on-one meetings is to provide additional incentive for employees to attend financial education workshops and to provide a buffer between employer and employee.

The Features


Planning Plus™ is strictly educational in nature. Sessions are often provided as a follow-up to the workshops and online programs.



Planning Plus™ provides a buffer between
employer and employee to address special needs or issues within the employee population.


Planning Plus™ offers motivation to attend financial workshops and/or complete online educational programs, and meet directly with an instructor about topics of a more personal nature.