In the Financial World

Strengthen Your Ability to Meet the Needs of Your Diverse Clientele

The EDSA Group® provides financial professionals an array of effective tools and solutions that can increase the services they offer to their clients.

EDSA offers turnkey solutions to help you get involved in the financial education area quickly – and in a fashion that suits your business and meets your clients’ needs.

Enhance Your Services: Become an EDSA Affiliate

Unlock the power of EDSA’s complete suite of educational programs and solutions! Your investment in a license provides you with the ability to market and instruct workshops, promote and provide access to EDSA’s e-learning tools (Good Money Habits™ and Good Money Habits for Students™), and access marketing tools and ideas to aid you in launching and sustaining your financial education offering.

Engage Your Clients: Utilize EDSA’s online education programs

Power up employee education with Good Money Habits™! By licensing Good Money Habits™, you can provide this engaging online program to help your clients and their employees. Your clients will value this resource from their existing, trusted advisor.

With EDSA’s combination of educational tools and programs, you are able to tailor a package to fit each of your client’s unique needs.

  • Your purchase of a business license to capture the power of EDSA’s full suite of programs allows you to bring up to nine instructors on board as client demands increase. No additional licensing is required. (Institutional licenses are available for those with larger requirements.)
  • EDSA provides its proven curricula in an easy-to-learn format. Instructor kits include Microsoft PowerPoint-driven presentations, scripts, and alternate presenter tools to support the varying presentation styles of professionals while still ensuring a consistent and powerful program is delivered every time.
  • Certified instructors are available to teach on your behalf if you would prefer not to provide live instruction with an inhouse instructor.
  • You are provided access to marketing tools and ideas through the Members Only section of the web site. Tools allow a quick ramp-up and launch to help you gain financial education engagements quickly.



By investing in a license with EDSA, you can enhance your
business and position yourself as an indispensible financial resource, potentially increasing your revenue.

Employ value-added benefits to maintain existing and attract new clients

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Good Money Habits™ and Good Money Habits for Students™ combine EDSA’s proven curricula with the accessibility of the Internet. In addition to the vital money management lessons provided in a sequential order, our e-tools contain interactive lessons and calculators to help users take action immediately.

LIVE / Web

The EDSA Group® offers a series of comprehensive and interactive financial education workshops. Programs include educational instruction, class exercises, and homework that help participants learn and follow principles of money management in order to pursue personal goals.


Private labeling and customization of programs are also available through The EDSA Group®. Work with us to develop an entirely new program to suit your special needs. The EDSA Group®’s existing solutions can provide a framework to build other educational modules for unique needs.


Planning Plus™ consists of one-on-one educational sessions to assist those who have questions or need help applying the lessons contained in our programs to their personal circumstances.

Communication Strategies

EDSA will provide ongoing communication materials to promote helpful financial education and drive employees to take advantage of available programs and workshops. We feel that each interaction is an opportunity to provide useful, actionable money tips to engage the audience.


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How Can We Help You?

The EDSA system offers options for involvement to suit a variety of needs. As you determine your goals for financial education, we can help you determine the path that will be most beneficial.

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