Program Elements and Pricing – Financial

The EDSA Group® offers a turnkey educational package that will help you jump into the market quickly. With an EDSA affiliate license you’ll have access to all of EDSA’s educational programs and tools to help make your financial education offering a success. Details on all of these benefits can be found throughout our website, but here are some of the great tools available to you immediately upon your licensing:

Program Elements


EDSA’s result-driven workshop materials

(including PowerPoint slides, script,
instructor manual, and participant manuals*)


Online Programs

Good Money Habits™
Good Money Habits for Students™ educational programs.**

These programs are user friendly and essential in meeting the needs of a diverse audience such as an employee population.


Join EDSA for a train-the-trainer program to learn how to maximize the impact of your financial education program.

Sales Materials

A complete set of sample participant materials to aid in the sales process.


Exclusive Access

Access to the Members Only website which contains sales and marketing marketing materials as well as implementation guides to help you build your financial education business.

Growth Potential

Ability to bring in up to eight additional instructors to meet your clients’ needs.

Pricing Elements


All this is yours with a monthly fee of $1,000 per month for the first 12 months.
Because EDSA feels that active affiliate licensees enhance and improve the educational programs and overall offering, EDSA strives to attract and retain active licensees.

For this reason, EDSA has a minimum participant workbook order requirement of $12,000 annually.

Assuming you maintain an annual materials order of $12,000 or more, you are able to renew and continue your affiliation at no cost***.

With EDSA’s complete package of educational tools and materials at your disposal, you are able to focus your energy on marketing and delivering the education to your audiences.

*Participants in each educational meeting must have their own participant manual, as is outlined in the license agreement.
**Per the Software Marketing Agreement, EDSA will invoice you on a monthly basis for software users as they sign up or are added manually.
***Should you not meet the annual quota, your renewal fee will be the difference between the portion met and $12,000.