Communication Strategies

A solid communication strategy can contribute to the success of an educational program.
EDSA will provide ongoing communication materials to promote helpful money tips, and drive employees to take advantage of financial education offering.


Emails or Written Communications

EDSA feels that each interaction is an opportunity to provide a useful, actionable money tip to engage the audience.  Communications (at least 12 per year) can be provided in a format to be added to an existing communication.
The EDSA Group® can provide:

  • custom emails about upcoming educational offerings
  • posters to be placed around the physical facility
  • informative articles that can be included in an existing, well-read company newsletter.™ Blog

This service offering takes advantage of the power of social media.  Intended as a follow-up or additional resource to EDSA’s educational programs, this website provides FAQs, money tips, and additional resources for participants.

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